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Take your time at Claythorpe Watermill

Tranquil and beautiful, our former watermill is a small, family run destination with a little something for everyone. One of the loveliest things to do in Lincolnshire, Claythorpe is a great place to sit by the river, meet the birds and animals, soak up some history, have a fabulous lunch, or an evening meal. If you’re just visiting the cafe there’s no need for a ticket. There’s a small admission charge to see the birds and animals and play area.

One of the loveliest things to do in Lincolnshire.

Most visitors will allow a couple of hours for their visit, often staying for coffee and cake or lunch in our excellent café, while many people take their time and enjoy a longer visit, feeding the animals and soaking up the atmosphere. 

A fabulous café, open to all (no need for a ticket to the grounds)…

Why not join us for breakfast, lunch, coffee or cake in The Claythorpe Cafe. Most visitors choose to sit in the Wheel House, overlooking the mill pond and right above the mill race where the water rushes past the site of the old water wheel. Or you can dine inside, where the giant cogs and millstones are still on display as a reminder of our milling heritage.

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