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Advice for visitors using wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

The majority of the site is flat and presents no problem for wheelchair users or anyone using a mobility scooter. However, like most old properties, the mill wasn’t designed with accessibility in mind so there are just a few things to let you know about.

Entering the grounds involves crossing a gravelled driveway. If you find it difficult to maneuvre on gravel, we are happy for you to drive into the main mill grounds where you can move straight from your car onto the block-paved path.

There are four stone steps leading up to the welcome desk and tea-room in the main mill but there’s sloped access to the left-hand side. It’s a fairly steep slope and some people have struggled if they’re pushing a chair, but it’s manageable by most people – we’re always happy to lend a hand. The toilets can only be reached via this slope. At the top end of the slope, one kerb edge of the path slopes awkwardly down to one side by the tea room door – we ask wheelchair users to take particular care here.

Over the footbridge toward the toilets, the surface is a little uneven and we also ask wheelchair users and anyone partially sighted to take extra care here.

There’s an accessible toilet with hand rails though it’s not as wide as most modern disabled WCs.

The car park and overflow car park are both gravel. If it’s easier you’re welcome to park just by the front gate at the main entrance, where you can wheel directly onto the smooth path. If you use a hoist to get in and out of the car, please feel free to drive right into the grounds and around the circular lawn where you can drop off straight onto the path if it helps. Please don’t drive on the pedestrian pathway and park back in one of the car parks to ensure the safety of other visitors.

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